The Alps in 2017


Jo and I are returning to Grindlewald, Switzerland early July 2017 for 3 weeks of "very civilized" paragliding . Anyone wanting to join or curious about flying in the Alps is welcome to contact us at This is not a tour and I am not an instructor, but we do know our way around the area and are pleased to share that information.

The Swiss Alps looking out at the Eiger is incredible. There was a number of us that joined Jack & Jo 3 years ago for a month in Switzerland of flying. I'm still dreaming about it!

I watched the "Eiger Sanction" twice after the trip. Make my day punk...


Launch at Grindlewalt.

The Eiger out front & center.






The LZ out front at the base of the Eiger.

The LZ in Grindlewalt.