i bought a house next to the LZ


in Elsinore. And Bought it outright. Signed a bunch of the paperwork today. I'm really stoked. Au Revoir, Orange County. This move puts me about half an hour closer to AJX drive time. Elsinore LZ is a short walk. And traffic-wise its probably a better commute to Torrey.

Yes, work is a longer commute now, but cmon! priorities! I'll figure something out...

Super happy right now. That was a long, tough bidding war, even with some falling out of escrow drama (for another bidder), but in the end, when the dust settled, i had it. So yeah, I'm following the lift, and I'm moving..

: )


but i can keep accumulating wings because now I have more space to put them in. That's the point ; )

Good pull. I moved from Huntington to Yucaipa going on 5 years ago now and living closer to flying was the best choice I have ever made.  :)

Congratulations Nate! We'll be seeing more of you real soon.

Yeah, this is the first house i've bought...oh and look at that. Now i owe everyone in the LZ beer.

Well, good thing my fridge is colder than the market's. Really the only reason i bought the place :) So i can put my fridge out there. Hey it gets hot!


Haha i wouldn't touch the Ortega on a bicycle. Even way back 15 years ago when i was racing but especially these days with that many distracted drivers. Yes, people do it, but its nuts. Although, I have ridden out from OC to Elsinore on mtn bike by climbing Holy Jim or Horsethief on the west side of the Santa Anas, and Descending down to Elsinore via the Main Divide then El Cariso on the east side. That is a grueling ride.

That said, I can still ride my bicycle to work. Drive the truck over the Ortega, Then park it in a shopping center on the other side, take the bike off and ride the last 16 miles or so to work.

If I took my vehicle the whole way, then I wouldn't be suprised if I stay in my office or otherwise camp one or two nights a week to save some miles.


Congrats Nate.  Forget El Cariso (boring fireroad)...Ride East Horsethief down!