"The Magic Jack Customer you are trying to reach is currently unavailable."

  • Does anyone know how often Windy has been off-line since we changed to Magic Jack?
  • Does anyone know how often Windy was off-line before we chanced to Magic Jack?

It seems to me that Windy is off-line a lot more these days. We should consider going back to the old system, what ever it was.

The first month or two, it was down most of the time. Then for a year or more it seemed pretty reliable. But for at least 3 weeks now it has been down most if not all of the time based on the calls I have attempted. Seems that if it saves a couple bucks a day (just a guess) and it was spread across the 200 members it provides service to, it means by having Magic Jack we are saving a penny a day per member.  As far as what value it brings,... that would be a personal thing, but for me, if we are heading up to fly and it saves going to Crestline unnecessarily or if we ended up going to Marshall when we could have gone to Crestline, the value is priceless. I believe it affects not only vehicle time and expense, but also the time of perhaps 10 people riding that extra 25 minutes and it affects the site they fly which can sometimes greatly affect the duration of their flights.

The Magic Jack has been a failure despite replacing the hardware a couple of times but there are other IP phone services out there.  Prez Dan has a line on one. The old land line is disconnected, so we can't just plug it back in to the phone system. I agreed that saving the money for the land line was a good idea but I haven't been part of the Magic Jack team. I use my smartphone's web browser for wind info so the windtalker problem doesn't stay at the forefront very long. 

If the CSS weather graph is offline then a good option is the "GEI Weather Station" link; top of the right-hand column of links at the bottom of the weather page.

Again I do recommend to use the voicemail greeting message of "Google Voice" for anouncing the weather data.

So when somebody calls, instead of the usual "Hi, this is so and so, we can't come to the phone right now ...",  the greeting would be the actual weather data.

The greeting message can be transmitted as text to GV, which will then use a voice to "greet" that text.

What needs to be done (in Perl [hint hint] but preferrably in Python), is to "log in" into google voice's portal, select the "change your greeting message" (or just go to it directly), and submit the formatted data from the weather station.

We should transfer the current number to GV anyhow. From GV it can be forwarded to any other number or equipment you might want to experiment with. Without going throught the hassle of transferring the number again.

The mailbox should be set to announcment only.
Not that it matters much, but another benefit is that several people can call in at the same time and hear the "greeting" individually.

All free for non profits (at least it was the past years).

Well, except the number transfer charge.

Would be great to have that, we need it for the Marshall station eventually, too.