North Wings Demo


Paul Burns is hanging around till the end of the month. He has truckload of North Wings available for demo flights. Call him up to arrange a test drive 509 733 1268.

I spoke w/ Paul this morning and set up a couple of demos for me and a friend. The number above worked for me.

JD, a narrated review of the Freedom X is in high demand. Who better to supply it? Hey i wonder if Paul has a Liberty 148 for demo. Man i would love to fly a Liberty 148.

Rick from ID flew the FX today but it was like dead calm sled conditons. We both have the Liberty 148 & FX tomorrow and will try to get in two runs. I will have a camera and mic and try to do a live narration.


I've been trying to call Paul with no luck.  One call was his number was disconnected and no longer in service and the second call was dropped.  If you see him tomorrow or soon please let him know that I want to test fly a Freedom X and a Freedom 190 if he has them.   Meanwhile, I'll keep trying his number.



keep trying him and keep in mind he has a vintage flip phone and may not of pulled his antennae up, LOL. 

The number is good but his mobile plan reception isn't and he has a lot of dead zones.

No Freedom 190 or I'd have flown it today. Yes to the Freedom X 14.5. It's a very lifty glider.  Friday should be the next locally flyable day so keep trying.

Just spoke with Paul. He's going to be at Elsinore tomorrow (Thursday, Nov 24). Best of all, he's bringing demos.

Thursday might be a really good day. Today however the E was very light. I ended up landing my PG out a little beyond the North side of the E-cone and hiking out to Grand Ave on a nice wide trail. I wasn't the only one who landed out. Later on, Mike found me walkin along the avenue and gave me a ride back the the LZ. Great day overall.