If you were wondering


If you are among those in the LZ who were wondering what the orange flickering light on the 400 launch was, it was indeed a fire.


When I was almost to the 400 to check out what was happening there, I met a person coming down the road.  He said he'd been "burning some trash". No, I didn't kill him.  After I picked my jaw up off the ground, I told him what a remarkably stupid idea that was.  We both went back up, and there were the remains of a little fire by the railroad tie, thankfully, cold to the touch.  We walked back down. The story changed a little bit to him cooking chicken. He started to walk down behind the horse barn, and I told him not to go that way, using, I guess, my faux authority of a green flatbrimmed hat.

As with smaller mammals that have caused problems, but that you don't want to kill, I relocated him and released him to the wild, in this case, the corner of University and Northpark.

I don't think so. This wasn't a pilot or really even someone in the same reality-space as the rest of us.

He wouldn't have known about such a rule, and if he had, I doubt it would have affected his behavior.

That's just a bit of political satire. I didn't think he was a pilot either. However, if he was a pilot, you could of literally held his feet to the fire, ending his flying days. 

How nice of you to lead him home to University and Northpark, where the like-minded people could assimilate him into the fold. There he could learn the evils of trash burning and chick'n eating.