----- Weds Fly Day June 26th -----

Come out and get some of that great evening air !
The last couple of days have been Great.
There will be food for all. If you like bring your favorite side dish or snack

You don't have to fly, just come out and enjoy drinks, snacks and a bunch of wing-nuts. 

Ken and I are dropping off a car mid-afternoon and leaving the salad makings because we like to fly later and most of you would like to eating by then.

See you in the air (or at the Happy Place!)


Lots of flight crews out today:)

* Mike Johnson's first flight in 9 months.
* Mike Myers test flew TEN WINGS today... (Go Mike!)
* Rebar Dan takes Mike Johnsons friend for his first tandem Flight...
* Susumo side lands the Marshall face... No worries:)
* Acro Steve pulls off more SAT's
* Dusty and kathy set up the grill and had hamburgers ready in no time!
* Alex (AKA Dizzy) flys his 3rd HG solo flight off of Marshall..
* Jonathan climbs out with Hawk .

5,800 ft max alt for me today... 90 minutes of mixed conditions...