Shuttle van is back!


The rumors are correct! Sandy & I have acquired the K-Van. Operations will begin this Saturday & Sunday. The booking process will remain the same as previous. Information can be found in "Rides to Launch" under K-Van on the CSS website (name to change - taking suggestions).

We are excited to bring the shuttle back to our CSS family & visiting pilots. There's nothing worse for a pilot wanting to fly & not be able to find a ride to launch. We look forward to being that tool, to accomplish your flying goals.

thank you for all the congratulatory text, messages and calls

see you in the LZ

Dale & Sandy




Maybe call it Van-D. Rhymes with Sandy and it is Dale's first initial. I'm really stretching here, but this one is super tough because neither name ends with a 'vowel+N'.

Edit: Van Bui, if you ever decide to make a PG action film (pun intended), you are welcome to use the title of this post. Wasn't intending to reference you but i think it would be perfect : )