AJX Grass Seeding Project.

Our very own Chris Hast, Andy Anderson, "Pres" Dan DeWeese & a few helpers, hit it hard today for six hours seeding our LZ.

Dan wanted to take advantage of our approaching rain systems coming through in the next ten days to get some growth going in some of our bare area's.

So, in the upcoming weeks, while breaking down & folding up your wings, if you notice some new growth seedlings, kindly move to an area that has some already established grass. We just need to give the grass a little time to fill in.

Fly Safe!

Thanks so much all!

Let us bring tidings of good, gentle landings while the new baby grass is sprouting!


Thanks to all those with a green thumb.  You must have been watching the same weather report as me.

Unfortunately mine was way off.  I aireated and seeded  with rain as the motivating factor.  Someone had a haha

on me.

The sprinklers have been temporarily reprogrammed to run 4x / day. There are 10 zones and

they are prog'd to run sequentially 1..10. Theres a map of the zones taped up on the board.

Perimeter zones run for 4.5 minutes, interiors for 9 minutes. It takes about an hour to get to the

 side where WW breaks down (Zone 8). Zone 9 follows, which is in front of the

shade structure and 10 encircles it. So, move to the east to avoid getting wet after 3 and 4 are done.

Dan, Thanks for implanting a few GB of grass seeds into the LZ :) and for dumping LOTS-O-H20 to activate...... The grass is greener on the other side now :)  PS. zone 9 is east of the structure and zone 8 is on the north edge. zone 5 is east of zone 4. At least going by the North Arrow by the training hill