Room for rent


Happy Sunday everyone!  Reaching out to anyone who has an available room for me to rent.  It will be temporary, 6-8 months or less, cause the house i'm currently residing is already sold and need to be evacuated by the end of next Sun.  Planning on driving to GA soon and thinking of staying there for months but need a place here to go back too. 

Text or Call for any thoughts:  909-809-8427  

Keep smiling and be safe!

 This is such a wonderful, caring communitysmileyIt's like being part of a family from diff mothers and fathers.winkI am deeply touched and grateful for the people who reached out and even the one's who sent their good thoughts in the universe since this was posted.  Found a place to park myself...

Offering free workout (lifting) this Saturday, please let me know if you can help to load the U-haulsmiley Also getting rid of big items in personal storage space located at Riverside:  1 yr old used LG stainless steel, cloth loveseat couch, side tables,... Those are available and can discuss sm cost if interested or might just let you have it but you need to haul it out..    

Peace!  Keep sharing you smile to the world for someone always needs it!

Hi. If my back was any better then it is now I would help you out on this one, it sounds like you will be just fine with plenty of helpers. Joel