Guess what day it is....

Wednesday Fly Day !!!
I'm bringing out some Betty and London broil.

Post-frontal day and JD emailed promising that we’d be dancing in the clouds. I was skeptical but decided to give it a shot. That turned out to be a good call. Average SW winds were blowing, delivering mild sized cummies that were constantly developing and dissipating. But they were not gentle cotton balls floating across the sky. Cloud base was in the mid-6s and even though they weren’t tall, they were active. When you got into a cloud building thermal, you knew it, because the updraft energy would just keep increasing. In the mid-5s you started to pay attention and when you got to the low 6s, it got concerning. Cloud suck, yep. Stuffing the bar and still gaining altitude, yep. The only way out was to head for the light, shoot for the gap between the clouds where things would either smooth out or you’d find sink. I did this probably 3 times and then decided to be a little less adventuresome and stay farther below to avoid the bar-gripping drama of today’s cloud base. Had a decent standup landing today, yea. Definitely a fun day.

Oh, yeah, the London Broil was excellent. Fantastic way to end the day.

I'm not sure about Betty, though.