Elsinore HG\PG Fly-In This Weekend (9/24-25)

Rated Pilots:

The 103rd annual Elsinore Fly-In is this weekend, Sept 24 and 25th. AJX forecast is North  winds those two days, but North is good news for an Elsinore launch. What a fantastic oppurtunity to experience a premier high-altitude\convergence site right here in Southern California! The road from LZ to launches (off the South Main Divide) is well paved, about 10 minutes of driving.

If you don't want to fly to 10000+ feet to initiate some epic XC adventure, then you can launch well before 1130 or so and enjoy a smooth, scenic sledder to the LZ from one of several well-groomed launches, either in or out of view of the LZ. You can even keep launching until mid-afternoon where the wind usually switches and blows down. Hey, if you fly at 11am to sled out, you can still say you flew Elsinore and impress anybody at any party anywhere. Best of all, you will become an official E-Teamer. No annual fee, just beer for after the flying. Bring it - that's important. Maybe bring a folding chair too.

Meet at the Elsinore LZ at 10:45am, off Ortega and Grand. Or, meet at the launches later on (just google maps the following coordinates):

E launch: N 33° 37.789'  W 117° 22.287'

Edwards launch: N 33° 38.307'  W 117° 23.231'

LZ parking area:

Some info on this amazing north wind site (a little outdated, but info nonetheless):


See you there


Whos the organizer as I have questions?

Organized? Jack, it is about as real as your retirement ; ) "103rd annual"? I just made that shit up. 

But really, it would be super to get even more good pilots out there as the seasons change and AJX becomes less of a sure bet, like this weekend.

I think it is a great learning experience for anyone to fly out there. The Elsinore locals are some of the best technical pilots around, and anyone serious about flying would benefit from a field trip to Elsinore. 

This weekend is looking good. See you on the E.




there free to use lz or charge 10$ on lz. DHG have flew at Elsinore long time ago since 2004 ( about 12 years ago ) are there same or it any change new design launch aread since 2004 ? let me know ... DHG might ho fly off there if weather premission santa ana,, DHG will use single surface wing skyhawk 168 orange ...


No charge for day-use or parking in the LZ while flying or hanging out. Rides are pre-arranged in the LZ before flying at about 10:30am, no shuttle fees. You owe your driver a beer later on.

Technically you might need to have a Cleveland National Forest Parking Pass for parking at the Launches. Get them at any large sporting goods store (Big 5 is the best) for ~20 bucks and it is good for a year. I always forget to display mine but i've never been cited. YMMV.

DHG, day use is $500.00, parking is $150.00/hr. Also, the meter only takes quarters.

I wonder how much a ticket is for parking and landing in the private property they call the LZ.....

One of these days it will happen.....

I guess you could land at the beach....

The LZ field was granted to a local group who is fine with the HG\PG landing presence. I've been to the LZ many times and landed, parked just fine. There haven't been any huge issues recently and people have been landing in that giant field for 103 years now.

Stopped by AJX today and picked up my one of my HGs (Saturn 147). Elsinore is really looking prime for this weekend. Come out if you can make it. And if you do, bring your sport 2 instead of the T2 because naturally you might need to land with a slight downslope (LZ wind direction can be all over the map). This is a site that exhibits a whole lot of variability, requiring constant attention. No fixed patterns, but 10-11am morning sled rides are docile from what I hear.


I'm very interested in giving this Elsinore thing a go. Even for just a sleddy depending on how things look/what ya'll have to say. I'll get to the LZ early, but would like to meet up with some of you to talk about the site. Before goin to the top. I'm new to the area. A number to contact in the morning would be appreciated.  Mine is :  five 6 two  fiv  four 4 3 five 7 six

hope to see you all there :)

Yes, always talk to the local pilots about the site and conditions first. This is mandatory. Even Wolfi, a world champion, got in unnecessary and serious air trouble by forgetting this important step.