Torrey Concession is out for bid.


In case you needed a little excitement in your life, the torrey concession is up for grabs (or so it seems?)

They'd never accept it, but it might be worth the $3500 a year to simply do away with anything except recreational flying.  A hotdog and soda cart could probably net you that much a year in that location, even if you paid a full-time employee to monitor it / sell sodas.


At the risk of being labeled a heretic, despite the well-documented problems at Boring Pines (where I still hope to fly after amassing 30 hours), I know one very nice, serious pilot who works there as an instructor and tandem driver. He has a new baby, is a sober and responsible person, and would be hurt by any radical makeover. He happened to have signed off on my P2 at Soboba.

That having been said, some reforms would be welcome. In my case, I know that accumulating 8 more hours of air time won't make me more able to weave and dodge the traffic there. Although low-hour, my time has been accumulated at 10 different sites, most of them challenging desert wilderness sites with difficult launches, rowdy air, horrible LZs, top landings hemmed in by barbed wire, no phone reception, etc. Instead of a blanket 30 hour rule, it would be more reasonable to examine the prosptective customer's logbook, perhaps charge a reasonable fee for a sign-off, only allow flying when not crowded, etc.


While I don't wish your friend ill, I think that Torrey being run as a cash cow instead of a flying site is the root of the problems experienced there. Take away the money, and I think a lot of the toxicity will go with it.

I rather enjoy the place for what it is. When in the area I'll stop for one of their great 1/2 sandwiches and soup for lunch, and a 30 min flight. Makes the rest of the drive home much more bearable. 

It seems like they want the proposers to both develop and manage the property.

The City might be better served to split these 2 tasks. One involves being a public works construction prime contractor, the other, a flight park manager. Two completely different deals. It will be interesting to watch.