Glider Storage Protocol


Just curious what the protocol is for when you find another glider in your assigned space.  In my particular situation I currently have only one glider so I had to temporarily move the “offending” glider to access mine.  There was no name or number on the “offending” glider so I was unable to move it to the proper location - nor was there any type of note explaining why it was where it was.  In the future should I carry the “offending” glider out into the field and dump it, put it in someone else’s space and let them deal with it, put it on the floor where everyone will trip over it?  Suggestions???

Give it away or just remove the battens and store them in the lost and found with a note explaining the situation.

This reminds me to put better name tags on my own gliders and bags. I sometimes have to stash a glider when I'm doing an adventure flight.

I am a Charles Bronson fan, and can empathize with vigilantism and giving the offending glider owner a "teaching moment" but keep in mind that the glider that is in your spot may have gotten there without the owner of the glider knowing it was moved there.  I have found my glider on the wrong shelf (a long while ago) with some one else's glider in my spot.  I returned my glider to its rightful home and placed the squatting glider on the shelf where I had found my glider.  Who knows if that started a chain reaction?  Perhaps all glider bags should be tagged with an indication of which shelf they belong on. See you in the air, Alan

$450 lumber rack for the truck. Less than $20 for eyelets to store multiple gliders in the garage. Never having to swing 120 miles out of the way to git my glider to fly a different site . Most importantly never having to worry if my kit is being dispersed because of someone else's logististical error = priceless.

Not having to always have a lumber rack on the truck, never having to haul the glider from my personal storage tube to the truck and back to the storage tube, being able to throw my harness bag into any one of my "toys" and simply drive to AJ = priceless.  :)

 I agree with all of the points you mention with envy. The club members should treat the gear stored in the containers as Priceless... I would. maybe a better bag, ID, slot locator system needs to be put in place to avoid angry squatter retaliation. I have two trucks and two racks, its expensive but yesturday I did haul some 20' foot lumber.

If it is a weekend and I am there please come find me and I'll take care of it.  Otherwise, place the offending glider on one of the visitor shelves in bin 3 and send an eMail to The map on the door of bin 3 has two shelves mapped to "Visitor".  The visitor shelves are also identified in the HG Storage section of this website.

Try to treat the other persons property with a little respect. There is a good chance that it was placed on the shelf by mistake or out of desperation like Jonathon stated earlier.  If somone has to temporarily stash a glider then please leave it on one of the visitor shelves in bin 3.

I run infrequent audits of the bins and when I find gliders that don't belong they end up in the HG Storage Jail, which is bin #4 that is not, yet, open for business. Note, I do a pretty good search for the owner beyond just looking in the bin before I actually move a glider to bin #4. So, if your glider ends up in jail then it's pretty likely that you deserved it. There are a couple people who have access to bin #4 but I'm pretty much the only one who can free your glider. If you were squating and find your glider missing then you should send an eMail to the address above or find me in the LZ.


Here is better ideas  for your Hang Glider  in storage or somewhere misplace  so  pilot can see if your name on  HG bag  ( someone use your hang glider in storage  ) include  thief steal your hang glider  then you or anyone can eaiser spot the sale or using your hang glider ....  


See Picutre ===>>>>>> 


You know, some people sell their gliders to other people.  They may not want to take the financial hit of buying another bag.  Some people buy gliders from other people. They may not want to take the financial hit of buying another bag.

I think I'm going to wrap one of the handles of my glider bag with some fluorescent colored string I've got.  It's at the CG of the bagged glider, so it should be real close to eyeballs if a single guy is picking it accident.  And maybe I'll need string, sometime.

It won't weigh much. and it's reversible.  And maybe I'll put a brightly colored card in the pocket.

I only have my glider in the transient parking a couple times a year, when Linda needs the van for some reason.