Socal XC League This Weekend @ Laguna/Horse (San Diego)

The April meet for the SoCal XC league is scheduled for this weekend in San Diego.  We are aiming at two days of flying at Laguna with a fallback of horse.  Fingers crossed for good weather!  Just a reminder that to participate you should have the following done before Saturday morning:

- Registered for the league:

- Become a member of the SDHGPA here (week/month/year options available): |

- Be a P3 with turbulence sign-off or higher

- Have a HAM radio and ideally be licensed, but listening is ok and transmitting in emergencies is permitted.  Hopefully the retrieve can be mostly co-ordinated through SPOT and cell phones.

- Waypoints for the sites are available here:


To manage the details of this event I would like pilots that are thinking of attending to fill out this sign-up form so I can get sufficient infrastructure for retrieves.  The cost for the event will be $10/day, however to pay for drivers and gas for the site I will be collecting another $25/day to ensure we keep drivers and vehicle owners happy.  For those that haven't flown here before the types of flights we see are long downwind tasks that require a significant amount of effort to be picked up.  If we end up at Horse this will be handled differently since the logistics are far less difficult: 



I will send out an email on Thursday night after I have spoken to the site gurus on the weather for the weekend.  The weather at Laguna is not the most reliable but when it hits the site is fantastic and I highly recommend getting out to fly with us to explore this hidden gem in Southern California!



Aaron Price