Rest in Peace Larry N. Heidler


At Larry's Funeral service with Rob and Dianne McKenzie, Steve No Fly and Patti, Gary Anderson, Dave Hards, Kim Floyd, Kathy Rhodes, Ken Howells, Meg Westfall, Dale Noyes, and me... Mel Torres


Thelma was there, too. It was a beautiful tribute to a really amazing man. He loved, guided, and blessed everyone he knew and we were honored to be there for our wonderful friend, Bonnie, and to represent Crestline Soaring Society and Cross Country Ranch.

It was definitely such a beautiful tribute for Larry and to see his sweet, friendly wife Bonnie.  I'm sure more people from the CSS would've love to also attend the service to show their respect, support and care too but was unable to.

As being CSS monitor, it is definitely very rewarding and so easy to care for every people I get a chance to know.  It was such a shock to hear when this tragic happened when it was just few days before I just talked to him.  It seems to always hit hard when the person we loss is the one who we thought we will see again next time..  

Everyone (local pilots, international pilots, other states and counties pilots,  wife, gf, friends, etc..) can easily see the closeness projected (like a family) from the people who are commonly part of the society.  I am not a pilot but was accepted openly to be part of this close unit that i hold dear to my heart.  

Until we see you again Larry..  Now you can fly with the permanent wings on your back..

I want to thank all of you "hang glider family" who attended Larry's funeral. You do not know how much it meant to me to see you was so supporting for me at such a difficult time. I know that many others would have attended if they could. It was so great to see you all there....can't thank you enough. Love you all....Larry would have loved it.....