HG Instructor Clinic-Edit-

CSS is hosting, and Paul Voight is conducting a HG Instructor Clinic.

Tentatively scheduled for Fri/Sat Aug 5,6th.with  altternate of Aug 12,13.  Cost 300$.

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Few things are as rewarding as sharing the gift of flight.

Please reply here or email crestlinesoaringpresident@gmail.com

to confirm your participation. We are hoping to get 4 people in the class. This will

ensure Paul's costs are covered for conducting the clinic.

Feel free to call me if you have questions 909 226 3331

See you there

Dan DeWeese

Not a tandem clinic. This is for a basic instructor appointment. Complete this clinic, take a Red Cross or American Heart Assoc. in person first aid / CPR class, conduct lessons with a current instructor (as an apprentice) and you are a HG basic instructor.  One of many Anne Sullivans of Hang Gliding.  H.......O.......O........K...........I.....N.!

After discussing the requirements and the lack of prep time, I may have to wait until PASA certifications are worked out and I can get in some more apprentice time teaching.