Junk at road to AJX


As you probably have observed in the past days, there is junk dumped at the road to AJX.

Though excellent PI Rob http://www.hanggliding.org/wiki/Rob_McKenzie's_Stories kindly scanned the crime szene for raffle and receipts or other identifying name tags, he probably had no time to evaluate the fingerprints/DNA and other leads (sattelite imagery?) to find the culprit this time.

Next to being an eyesore, if left there, it might send the wrong message to others that they could dump their stuff there, too.

Unless the board has no plans to remove that junk, please kindly remove any piece on your way home. If evey passer would do that, that stuff is gone in no time.

This is especially true for people with a truck or SUV. I could only fit a chair in my small sedan (had harness/sail).

The stuff is very dusty so maybe ask for a trash bag at the LZ before you leave.



Saw 4 decent chairs needing minor repairs and a wakeboard.  Scored a milk crate and some tools.  Good junk.

You were lucky!

It was too dark to check really, I just wanted to remove one item. The chair I took was very broken, missing one leg (which I probably picked up the second time I passed there). I just disposed of all that stuff.

Thanks for your help, given the kind nature of our co-pilots, all is probably gone by now..



After an exciting day (thank you Jerome!), happy and fulfilled and on my way home, picked up another chair.
Saw that some few kind souls took some of the stuff, but sadly there is still some left.

Put some wings and a skid on that and you will have an air chair to join us with our super floaters and the Goat