Missing "Storm" men's sunglasses?


Driving hime from AJX last night I noticed an extra pair of sunglasses on my head that were not mine.

(How many pairs can I fit on my head at once?)

The Brand is "Storm", lens color appears mirror-blue from the outside.  Black plastic frames.  Did I pick them up off a table? (similar look to mine, but different)

Kevin the treasurer and a few other people were around.

Not sure if these came from AJX or what...   ???

Doug - phone: seven 1 four 7 4 nine 3 nine 0 nine

When I was there yesterday, I found some sunglasses out in the grass. I put them on the table so they would not get broken. Sounds like you picked them up and put them on your head...


Lost some where in the LZ-parking area.

Don't know specific serial #?

If found, willing to pay your next shuttle fee.

If not, buy me a beer...

Fly Safe!