Lithuanian Children's Double Glider! (Lithuania) Check inside !




All Friend Pilots  ( include Goat and Super Floater pilots ) 


Here is  Prefect for kids can learn the unpowered ultralight plane. ( like Goat Glider and Super Floater Glider ) 



Lithuanian Children's Double Glider! (Lithuania)" Check === >>>


Another kid dream and true to fly unpowered ultralight plane .. ====== >>>


Young pilots in the making Glider Wing - Lithuania ===>>>


More Children Doing Fly Off Wing !! ===>>>>



DHG  have Blueprint paper to build off from simple aluminum or chromoly material  and sail clothes 


then it can stowage the disassembly the Lithuanian Wing in  towing Trailer to launching areas …


I need to Know about USHPA permission use this Wing to fly off from crestline  ( that children do flyable ? ) 


same DHG is Lightest Pilot Weight about  61KG  ( 135pound without harness ) to do fly off children wing? 


I'm not sure why you would need to ask USHPA for permission.  I could see discussing it with CSS beforehand.

If your finished glider weighs more than 154 lbs, it would need to be registered as an experimental aircraft, and you'd need a current private pilot glider certificate to fly it legally.

Just looking at the pictures, I'd guess that would weigh more than 154 lbs.  I could be wrong.

Primary glider replicas tend to come in above that weight, and they don't usually have even one wheel, just a skid.




Hello Craig, 

The Super Floaters and Red Goat that we fly at Crestline are FAR 103 compliant, and are actually considered class 4 hang gliders.  I do not believe that even the single seat Lithuanian primary gliders in your linked video would meet the Part 103 requirement.  You would have to check with the club about getting permission to land anything else at AJX or to find out what their agreement for the launch sites allows for.  Due to insurance issues I doubt that they would be willing or able to allow for anything that does not conform to Part 103.  See you in the air, Alan



you might enjoy this video of the PW-2 primary glider (sailplane) being used to train youths in Japan.  The PW-2 Gapa is a certified sailplane that weighs 243 pounds.  It is similar in design or lay out to the air chairs that we fly at Crestline.  There are only 5 in the USA out of a total of 19 built and I am fortunate to have one which I fly at The Elsinore sailplane club.  Sorry if this is off topic to a HG/PG forum:


i think I have posted this link before, but if you are interested in the PW-2 or primary sailplanes, here is a good video of my friend Andrew flying his PW-2 in Pennsylvania:

Mike Sandlin's Goat, when he first flew it, was about 125 lbs. You can read about it on his website:

But I think he also left out the "silver" (powdered aluminum) coats when covering it.  This saves some weight at the expense of UV durability.

That, and the fact that it's made mostly of aluminum, rather than steel and wood, is probably what accounts for the much lower weight of the Goat and Bug as opposed to the various primary gliders that have been built.

Since you have welding skills, I can see why welded steel tubing would be attractive.



On the


you could totally build one for <154 lbs.

i'm down to help out if someone really wants to make one, it would be fairly straight forward.

(famous last words)