Membership renewal and Family Camp Night

Just a reminder.

Membeship and Container storage expires on May 31st, 2016.

You can renew online at the top of each page or come out this weekend and camp at the Cross Country Ranch for FREE.

The BOD will be serving breakfast on Sunday morning!

Jon, maybe you'd like to be the next event coordinator. 

Well, Tom, what does it entail? I'm not too smart but I am lazy....

Any extra help with club functions or tasks is always welcomed Jon.

There are a lot of members in the past and presently that have put forth a lot of effort over the years to make this club and flying site what it is today. Many have helped promote our sport through videos, instruction, magazine articles, club projects , functions, etc.

Fly Safe!






My bad.

I was looking in to mailing out the renewal a few weeks ago but was waiting to hear from USHPA's atty, but no luck. We're all busy, I know.

Ken Howells burned the midnight oil revising the online renewal format to include glider storage.

That makes managing the storage easier to keep track of whose what is where. Please enter some glider info when you renew if you're a storage customer. It will be even easier next year.

Dan DeWeese

It's the last day of the 12 th. month. Or is it the first day of the first month?

Anyway, better write it down.

A couple clicks and I was done. It took longer to pull my CC out of the wallet on my nightstand than it did to renew.  Good job on the website registration.


Clickity click and it's all done. Thanks to all that contribute so much!