Otto's BirdDay Sunday--Anyone going?


If anyone from the Berdoo area is headed to the beach on Sunday and has room for one more I can buy gas or whatever. It was fun last year.  Steve at 3thirtyseven fortythree thirtythree.



Come to fun flyable on your Vintage Wing or Bring your own Biggest Wing  to fly off 



I going there for fun vintage hang glider display   --  i will use my luxury electric scooter ride long bike path to stop by there Dockweiler beachside hang glider   ((  last time we attended there )) 


this my(DHG)  Custom build luxury electric scooter has lifepo4 batteries and topspeed

150kph , range 100km at 60kph.. iDHG build off this e.scooter from scratch to complete -- 

See you there on may 22  2016  


've purchased a number of sizes, and I'll give most of them away on Saturday to those people who have:

     a) requested a shirt in this topic
         - and -
     b) show up at the event between noon and 6pm

I'll reserve them based on the order that requests are posted here in this topic and for the size requested (please list size preferences).

Any unclaimed shirts left over at 6pm will be given away to whoever asks at that time (one per person). You must be present at the event to get your shirt. Limit of one shirt per person.

Join a National Hang Gliding Organization: US Hawks at

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