Family Camp night & Membership Renewal Breakfast

It's almost that time to renew your CSS membership and glider storage, so why not make it a weekend of great flying, great friends and a Awesome breakfast prepared by the CSS Board of Directors on May 29th!

May 28th -  Cross Country Ranch Family Camp night

May 29th -  CSS Membership Renewal Breakfast



What time on Sunday morning?


For those who are looking for something to do this weekend while your family member is flying, you might take a hike to the 750 and enjoy the view!



Chris Hast and Eddy Woods after clearing brush.



Last Sunday at 10 am...  Alex Chiang, "The PG pilot", had a 1 hour flight from the 750.


Fly Safe!

My frying pan till Sunday....

Anyway, you have the message, come join us for a great new year of flying!

Fly Safe!


Look ma, I'm on the internet!

You must have been the guys with the pickup truck who drove off right before I got there. I saw you standing at the 750 during my hike but was too winded for anyone to hear my feeble greeting. 

Nice pics and best flight of my short 1.5 month career! Climbing above Marshall altitude from the 750 makes the hike all worth it.

Still new to the CSS but the care you guys put into the site is amazing. Just in the time I've been here I saw the windsocks replaced, talk of a new weather station at Marshall, new streamers and shrub clearing at 750, a new BBQ being constructed, and now the free camping and breakfast event! Great place, great times. laugh