Let It Blow!


Good to see two of our fellow pilots back in the air on some PG flying apparatus. Chris Hast & Mark the Hofbrau Hoffman took some late day Sunday flights from the 750 after some practice kiting skills in recent days. They were even taxed with doing forward launches due to conditions.

On Monday the same two pilots broke a new CSS record for replacing FOUR new orange & yellow wind indicators at Marshall, Cloud Peak, Last Chance and the 750. 

Due to the requests of one of the Jeff's (Mr. Bether), all orange is now our standard color. Our yellow "Don't Tread on Me Flag" at Last Chance, was again donated by our friend, Big John! 


I notice that the Marshall sock looked to be on its last thread on Sunday.  New socks. New wooden ramp.  Marshall is looking pretty spiffy. 

No more "Where's Waldo" looking for the cloud sock. Thanks guys!

What an impressive and time consuming/difficult job!
Good to see all are safe and sound, must have been exhausting....

Thank you for this Grand Slam!

What a great day hanging out with Jeff and Mark! Much laughter, comedy and good old fashioned hard work, I learned a lot. Thanks Gentlemen!