Did you fly on 5/2/16?


Hello there!   If you were out on 5/2 I was fortunate to get some really cool pix of many of the HG's and PG's out that day. Below is the link to a dropbox folder and I've also attached a few pix. If you don't see yourself let me know what you fly and I'll check the rest of my pix from that day.  Enjoy ;)




Some real pretty shots in there. Did you happen to take any of pilots caught on launch in the rain? ;-)

Cheers, Jonathan

There is one pic in the Dropbox folder with a couple of them sitting under their gliders. I believe that was just before or after the rain.  Even with the weather it was a pretty amazing day. 

...now I see the rain on huddled pilots at both Regionals and a little on Crestline.
I'm working on a video edit for both flights I did and would like to use most of your photos. They will really help tell the story. Please say "yes" and let me know how you'd like to be cridited.

Here's a typical scene...