CSS Minutes, April 23, 2016



DATE: APRIL  23,  2016,  09:12  AM  -   10:50 AM

Presented by Kevin Greene - secretary to the board.


A scheduled meeting of the board of directors was held on the above date.   The following members attended:

V. President:  Dan DeWeese

Treasurer:  Kevin Williams

Secretary:   Kevin Greene

Events Coordinator: Kathy Rhodes

Communications Director: Dave Hards

Safety Director:  Steve Salazar


1. A motion was made to have Vice President Dan DeWeese assume the office of president.  The motion carried unanimously. This was followed by a motion to start recruiting for a vice president to fill the now empty position. Communications Director Dave Hards offered to begin this process by posting a call for volunteers for this position on the CSS website. Dan Deweese proposed that he would be setting up a separate gmail account for further BOD issues, communications and record keeping.


2. Logistics for the WW demo days were discussed. Kathy requested temporary funds to buy drinking water supplies until event revenues can refund this.   Her request was approved along with extra porta potty and dumpster servicing costs and the $200 DJ fee. She will coord the event w/ CCR and WW. The masonry etc work for the BBQ install will be on hold until the WW event is over.


3.  Dan DeWeese mentioned that he is researching a coin op binocular install and will report soon.


4. Dan DeWeese requested a financial report on last year's income and expense with a breakout of fixed overhead items and separate line items for separate project costs during the year.


5. The subject of the US Forestry Service conditional use permit was raised and the conclusion was that it has probably expired since Megret last renewed   ~ 8 yrs ago.


6. Kevin Greene will contact Gary to retrieve his debit card and the print job of the 30 day temp membership applications / forms.


7.  The Fontana III property developers to the east of AJX were discussed. Dan DeWeese proposed that we try to contact them to preempt their taking action w/o our input.  Kathy Rhodes requested that we wait until she can work some contacts that may be able to provide some intel.


8. A motion was made to adjourn at 10:30.  The motion passed with a resolution to schedule the next meeting for June 18.



V P Recuit

Barbeque status

New  gmail account


Finace report

Gary - Debit card +  print job

Fontana III