Fun for all?


Probably fun for many but not for all. I've been wanting to fly a U2 and some form of a plan and schedule would have made that possible.

I still like AJX and Wills Wing but the format for the demo days could have been a little more demo-pilot friendly.

Talk to Ken Howells. It's rumored he has strong connections to the theys
who would lend out a glider for the weekend.  I admit, the 9am showup thing demanded a bit more time investment than was practical for some.


Gary. you can fly my U2 160.. its a June 2010 with about 450 flights logged... but stills climbs SWEET

@ Gary

My U-2 is Old and UGLY, (like Me) ; so it won't cost Ya as much, if you crash it ;

as it would if you crash the one Fixinair owns !! (smile)



My flying was kinda BAD last weekend ; but i had a Great time at the WW demo-days

this year !!!

I need to come down and fly More with you guys ; it's the only way i can, ((Un-suck))

my current abilities , with a my flying machines  . 



I finally got-IT  ; but it took (2) cups of coffee !!! (smile)

I got a Cold one for Ya Tim ; at the   , Family Camp night on May 28.