March AFB Airshow

It looks like no flying at CSS/AJX tomorrow (and Sunday?) due to the high pressure and North winds, so if you are not up for flying Elsinore, an alternative is the Airfest 2016 air show at March AFB this weekend.  Details here:

Elsinore should be stronger and perhaps a bit North (cross) tomorrow and a little lighter and more NE (optimal) on Sunday.  As always with Elsinore wind conditions, I would check again each morning if you are planning to fly Edwards.  See you in the air, Alan

Saturday morning update:  it looks like Elsinore is going to be blown out today.  Winds were causing white caps at 06:00 on Canyon Lake.  Tomorrow should be a bit lighter, at least later in the day.

A little strong in the AM.


But should be good in the afternoon ...IMHO   at  8:33 PM Sat.