Paramotor to Free Flight


Hi all,

I want to expand from paramotoring into free flight. I live at Edwards AFB and CSS is the closest. I'd like to keep learning in San Diego but it's just too far right now. Has anyone here made the shift? I love the flying but could do without the noise!




Use batteries powered electric paramotor more better and quiet than old fashion gasser engine make noise and fume to other hang glider / para glider in air ..... then you do that convert from gas to electric ....... one thing rule no Lipo batteried allowed ( lipo get explode ) ==>> you must use lifepo4 battery more safe or use DRYCELL batteries pack is more safety to fly into forest ===== there many tree dont want get wildfire from lipo batteries fire hazard !!!!!!


AJX is a non-powered site, so not many PPG pilots on the roster. Your knowledge\experience with the PPG's canopy should slide over pretty well into PG freeflight.

The three PG instructors I'm aware of are: Stephen, Jerome and Marcelo. All are highly qualified and experienced instructors. My instruction has been with Stephen and I can't say enough good things. But talk with them all to see what suits you! Contact info for on-site instruction is found here:




Hey there! Hands down Stephen Nowak is the guy to help you transition

based at Andy Jackson airpark right off the highway:)