CCR Gardening Party...lunch included

Hello CCR and CSS friends!

We will be having a Gardening Party and Lunch this Saturday, March 26 to enhance the grounds around the camping areas.

Bring gloves, tools (with your name on them) and any succulent cuttings, extra sprouting palm trees, yucca cuttings, and any other drought resistant plants you might want to donate.  I have aready received over a dozen palms, and a bunch of cactus cuttings.  (Don't worry - these plants will be up on the banks of the camping areas so no hang or paragliders will be injured!)

There is some weedwhacking needed and some plant removals, too.

We will start around 8 to 8:30 - meet near the shower!

We will finish with a Subway Lunch about noon.  Then we can all fly.

Call if you have questions :909-228-0470