PTZ Camera Maintenance - Thank You!


Big thanks to anyone and everyone involved in bringing the PTZ camera back on line.

Thank you, Dan Deweese and Ken Howells for getting this very much needed tool back up (literally) and running! 

May your next flights be your best!

Revamped the spring balance system and the upright lock mechanism.

We hoisted the apparatus to the tower top with a handy dandy capstan hoist.

A bit cumbersome at the top though but managed with luck.

Ken got the pi computer conveying the message to the masses. Cool!

Dan's redesigned instrument mast is really cool, but really heavy! We can lean it over to get to the instruments and it's feather-light when horizontal.  Proabaly couldn't fall over even if the gremlins unlatch it again. Dan put the first version up there alone a couple pf years ago - somehow. Hoisting and affixing the mast and then revamping the cable runs (and the base box rats nest, a little) took the bulk of the day.  Getting things going with the new RPi interface computer and such was quick and easy.  Gene and some other pilots flew over with helpful comments.

I took a couple of quick pictures with my tablet and it shakes more than my phone does.  Or maybe it was my hands and forearms from climbing up and down the tower several times :)

Here's Dan at the base of the tower with the PTZ webcam and housing.

The Crestline weather info is now updating every minute instead of the 5-minute intervals we've always used.  Seems to be fine.  The little carets that indicate the strongest gusts over the last 5 minutes are tracking pretty close to the wind speed line, so maybe I'll remove the carets to unclutter the graph.  The carets for the forecast portion will remain. Will do the same for the AJX weather station soon.

Also, new links on the Crestline Cam page lead to zoomed views of Crestline launch and Marshall Peak.

Ken and Dan,  Awesome job!  I'm really liking the zoom option!

Looking at the PTZ cams, it looks like there's a dirt spot on the same spot on all four lens covers. How does that happen?

The camera has motorize pane to 4 position view, inside dome when it record then next shot in pane (((( the dirty spot in camera's len ,,, it need to clean or leave as is ((( if the outside plastic dome get dirty ,, then simple to wipe clean the dome it will be fine ... that is it .....