New Flagpole

Today a new 20' flagpole and American flag went up welcoming Members and Guests. Long may She wave.


The flag looks great!  It even made the wind blow in the right direction.


The placement gives a little extra read on wind too

DHG spotting the flag place on wrong spot ==> because there wind may interfected Airflow to wind sensor device on behind the flag  cause confused Wind speed and direction chart !! 

 See the picture ===   that flag place  behind the wind talker sensor 



I flew my PG from the 750 today in the am around 11 am.  Lite winds on launch and in the LZ. Your flag was the only thing that gave me a good indication. 

Besides that, A lot of us actually come out and fly the conditions...

The conditions in the LZ were exactly what were registered on the AJX LZ charts.

I came home and checked the conditions recorded on the AJX chart to what was really happening at the LZ.

I was there all day and watched pilots land throughout the day. 

Well done on placement.

No issues with flag pole and wind station.

Nice job on the installation.

Keep up all you do for us!

Don't mind those that fly very little at our site.

Crayons are good, but let's leave them to the kids....

Fly Safe!

......but I will defend to the death your right to misconvey it.