Landscaping Needs


I am looking for plants for landscaping the Camping Area of the Cross Country Ranch. Specifically I am looking for cutting from yucca plants, trimmings from drought resistant ground cover, unwanted baby palm trees, and any kind of succulant extras you might have.  Bring them out next time you fly and I will gladly take them off your hands.  Or give me a call and maybe I can pick them up.  909-228-0470.  Megret

Hi Megret,

I have lots of drought resistant plants I could donate, I have a dozen or so San Pedro cactus cuttings some are about 12"+ others are a little bit smaller. I also have a bunch of aloes and jade plants and a few blue agave pups. I'd be more than happy to bring them and whatever else I can pull from my garden, there is lots of stuff. I can also help with planting...I have a green thumb. I could bring them on Saturday since I may be driving retrieve for a pilot trying to get his last few flight for his P2. I will know for sure by tomorrow. 


Only problem is I will be in Alaska this weekend. Can you come on the weekend if the 19th?

Sure, I can bring them the following weekend, I was planning on coming out for the day. Everything is in plastic pots with soil so they would be fine unplanted. Gaston 

I can't think of anything that will encourage spot landing practice more than surrounding the LZ with sharp, spiky bits. devil

A perimeter of saguaro ornately festooned in colorful pg canopies.

Make it so!

Not sure I would want to land my PG at the CCR...if I did I probably would deserve a cactus spine or two stuck on my rear!