Parking: Handicap and Loading/Unloading


The CSS board discussed the suggestion for both handidap parking and short-term loading/unloading parking and decided against both.  

If it is a struggle for you to carry your glider, then just double park behind someone to load/unload. It only takes a couple minutes and if the other person needs to move you will be right there. Please be mindful of others and move your vehicle after you have loaded/unloaded.

Handicap persons are welcome to drive their vehicle up on the West approach next to the grass, unload amd return their car to the parking lot.  If the handicap person needs help shuttling their car to the lot just ask someone. I'd be happy to help and there are many others like me. 

Lastly, driving on the West approach is not for folks who are not handicap and it is not for loading/unloading your hang glider. It's likely that no one will call you out for doing this but we will make fun of you for being lazy or weak or both.

Gary Anderson
CSS President