2016-01-30 CSS Board Meeting

A special meeting of the Board of Directors was held on Saturday January 30 at 9:00 AM at 1766 W. Kendall Drive, San Bernardino, CA 92407. The purpose was to verify the counting of the votes for the new  Board of Director’s positions resulting  from the election held on mm/dd/20yy.  The votes were counted by Jeff Bohler, Kathy Rhodes and Gary Anderson.

The results of the election are as follows

President:    Gary Anderson

V. President:  Dan DeWeese

Treasurer:  Kevin Williams

Secretary:   Kevin Greene

Site Coordinator:  Chris Hast

Events Coordinator: Kathy Rhodes

Communications Director: Dave Hards

Safety Director:  Steve Salazar


At 9:15, Saturday January 30 a general meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by Board President Gary Anderson.  All the new board members above were in attendance.

Gary Anderson made a general motion that the Board would try to meet bi-monthly. 

The motion carried unanimously.


The outgoing President Jeff Boehler made a motion to arrange for the change of signing authority with the CSS bank adding the new president as a signer on the CSS dual signature bank account.


A general discussion of the security, safety and liability issues surrounding the “friends teaching friends” protocol at CSS sites.  Gary Anderson made the motion that he would check with Rob McKenzie for his feedback on the history of ”friends teaching friends” at CSS.  


A motion was made that Gary Anderson and Steve Salazar would draft a CSS site policy for “Friends Teaching Friends” at CSS for future consideration.


A general discussion of the security, safety and liability issues surrounding the issue of obtaining and enforcing the site use waiver document required by all CSS site users.  The discussion also touched on the difficulties of obtaining site use waivers on busy flying days and event dates.  A motion was made to recruit a site monitor for the upcoming season who would maintain a daily site attendance log and collect waivers from all site users as they arrive in the LZ parking lot or land at the site.  It was also motioned that signage should be developed identifying the site as a USHGPA site requiring USHGPA membership.


Gary Anderson motioned that a full time (seasonal ) site monitor should be retained and the motion carried unanimously.  Stave Salazar was appointed to pursue this issue.


The motion was made  that Dave Hards would pursue container lock security box design with Dan Deweese.


The motion was made and passed unanimously that a plan for an ADA concrete access walkway would be developed.


A motion was made and carried unanimously that Kevin Williams and others will continue the with the purchase and installation of security lighting and cameras as well as the purchase of a full truck load of material to be used to level low spots in the grass landing area,  a pole for the American flag, easily replaceable collapsible poles for windsocks throughout the area and textiles for streamers surrounding the grass landing area.


Gary Anderson motioned that he will work with Owen Morse to address the issue of the upper driveway access crossing the neighbor’s property line.

A motion was made that a more formal agreement should be pursued addressing the CSS use of U S Forestry  land / and the adjacent  residential developers property which the training hill now occupies

At 10:25 AM a motion was made to adjourn the meeting which passed unanimously.