2016 Election


The election for our 2016 Board of Directors is complete. Thank you to all of the members who participated. The ballots were counted and validated, and the new board met for the first time Saturday morning.  Below are the results of the election.

I'd to thank outgoing board members Jeff Boehler, Tom Swanson and Tom Emery for their support.  In particular, I'd like to thank Jeff Boehler for his work as president for the past three years (2013-2015).  Jeff’s friendly and easy going demeanor and all of the hours he spent sitting on Gracie maintaining our roads, parking lots and approaches will be sorely missed.  But wait, Jeff’s not going anywhere so we still get to enjoy his company and, hopefully, a little more time on Gracie.

  • President: Gary Anderson
  • Vice President: Dan DeWeese
  • Treasurer: Kevin Williams
  • Secretary: Kevin Green
  • Events Director: Kathy Rhodes
  • Communications Director: Dave Hards
  • Safety Director: Steve Salazar
  • Site Director: Chris Hast
  • Outgoing President: Jeff Boehler

Though not an elected position, Ken Howells is still our CSS Website Administrator. Thank you Ken for all of your volunteer work maintaining our website.

Thank you,
Gary Anderson

The CCS club is a model for other clubs to duplicate in terms of site facilities and a fun place to fly and hang out with friends. All past and current board members have/are contributing to make this happen.

You are all awesome, thank you !