Storage Bins


CSS Members,

I regret that I have to inform you that someone has broken into our storage bins. Property was removed from the bins and left around the parking lot and the LZ grass.  It appears the vandals were interrupted in the middle of their mischief and left in a hurry because they also abandoned the bolt cutters that were used to break into the bins.  It does not look like any gliders were taken but that will have to be confirmed by our members. Thank you to Jeff Bohler for calling the police, filling out a police report and helping them with their initial investigation. 

If you have property in any of the storage bins around the LZ parking lot, please stop by and verify that your propoerty is still there. If you cannot get to the storage bins and would like someone to check for you, send an eMail to "" with your name, bin and shelf number, and a description of your glider(s) or other property.

Gary Anderson

I think all 7 bins around the parking lot were opened:

  • 4 CSS bins for glider storage (the 4th bin is not yet occupied)
  • 1 private bin for glider storage
  • 1 High Adventure bin for equipment storage
  • 1 CSS bin for club-house and equipment storage

I do not have a list of the property that was found on the grounds. Members who have property in the storage bins need to inspect their storage area.

It was only a matter of time.... i mentioned this might happen years ago and i was told i worry to much :)

Tim Folger said about a month ago that he found a battery operated red tail light duct taped the end of his glider bag.... like someone had taken the wing on a road trip..

Some of the flying equiptment found appeared to be taken from the Super Floater trailer. That lock was cut also. Kory came out yesterday and verified it was all recovered. Some was found on the ground next to the trailer, at the bottom of the steps and in the middle of the LZ.

Chris Hast found it early am yesterday while cutting grass. Caleb found more also in the am.

Also found in the LZ was our First Aid Bag, Calebs helmet, assorted gloves, coats, assorted items from the lost and found area, & the bolt cutters used to cut all the locks. 

The 4 glider storage container doors were closed but not latched. The cut locks were found on the ground below the doors.

It does appear they were looking for items to carry off on foot. Possibly thinking construction tools were in side?  That's just a guess. As Gary stated, it appears they were scared off by something and even left the bolt cutters. I hope it was the roaming bob cat seen lately?

Anyway, we won't know for sure till you verify your stuff is all there.



This smells like the work of the notorious snack-tweaking raccoon gang out to satisfy a mid-night craving for edibles and pandemonium. Fortunately the Rattlesnake/Coyote joint vigilante militia showed up to save the day. This is good karma from carefully lifting stray rattlesnakes (using a long stick) and placing them back in the brush and from not shooting pellet guns at the coyotes. The critters--they know.

That sucks, but on the other hand, I'm sure my gliders were happy to get some fresh air.


How's the security cam project going?  Happy  to help, but my expertise < Kevin's.


After talking with Kevin, who is heading up that project, we do need some help in finishing up the total security project. We'll get all the info this weekend and please inquire how you can help get this in place.

Thanks All!

That represents a LOT of money in those storage bins ; maybe we should for-go rent to

someone, that would camp near the Bins ? Hook-up an alarm to a  motion detector , to wake

the guard up, if someone is lottering around.


Good idea Billie.  We bought a simple door alarm when our daughter, sleepwalking, tried to walk out of the house at 11pm one night.  A set of two of them on amazon was around $10.  It simply sticks on the inside of the door, and screams like hell if tripped.  It can be turned off during the day.  Even if it's not hooked up to anything the noise perhaps would frighten a would-be burglar away.

Good idea. Wonder of the ranch residents would hear it and handle the situation.

I will bring my extra one Megret to try out.  We only need the one here at home.

Looking around on the internet, there are lock boxes to secure containers. These are designed to keep bolt cutters away from the padlocks.
I'm not sure how well they'd work with the combination padlocks we use.
They go between the two door halves, so maybe if we mounted them up at eyeball height or a little higher, we could still see the combo we're setting.

We have two projects planned for improving security at Andy Jackson Airpark. The first one is the security cameras project that was started before the break-in and that Jeff touched on in an earlier post. We, mostly Kevin, are installing security cameras on the conex box that sits on the LZ. The cameras will watch over the storage bins, parking lot and driveway into the parking lots. We are also installing motion sense lighting that will light-up the storage bins at night when someone (or some critter) approaches the boxes.  The security camera and lighting project has been started.

The second project is to add lock boxes similar to what Tim describes to make it difficult, if not impossible, to cut the locks with a bolt cutter.  We will either find a commercial lock box or fab something custom. We have several pilots whose talents extend beyond turning a glider in a thermal so we are confident that we can fabricate custom lock boxes, if necessary.  The lock box project has not started.

We haven't discussed an alarm system.  I'm not sure that is necessary once we install the camera, lights and lock boxes; but I always reserve the right to get smarter so send me note or post your opinion on this forum.

If you want to pitch in on any project just send me an eMail at