CSS Club Meeting: 10/24/15

CSS Board Meeting Minutes

Saturday, 10/24/15


  1. Jeff Bohler called meeting to order and welcomed attendees at 9:15 am
  2. Jeff Bohler adjourned the meeting at 10:36 am
  3. Board Members Present: Dave Hards, Dan DeWeese, Kathy Roads, Jeff Boehler, Gary Anderson, Kevin Williams
  4. About 20 CSS members were present
  5. Jeff Bohler adjourned the meeting at 11:05 am

Treasury Report

  1. Membership
    1. Membership is up to 240
    2. Primary membership registration will continue to be via eMail an PayPal with option for paper
    3. Action Item:  Provide member receipts for tax deductions?
  2. CSS will not buy into the XC Ranch
  3. Action Item:  Report finances over time to provide members with the overall health of the treasury

USHPA News from Regional Director

  1. Cory will not run for office next year
  2. Fall meeting was last week
  3. Google providing $10k / month for advertising
  4. USHPA budget is strong
  5. Worst accident rate since the 90’s
    1. There have been 19 fatalities this year
    2. Current rate is 1 death per 600 pilots
  6. Awards
    1. Jon Deitch recognized for his videos and photographs with the Bettina Grey Award
  7. Alan Crouse will provide USHPA notes on the insurance and fees topic.

Site Report

  1. Open Action (from last meeting): Site maintenance and improvement plan with budgets
  2. Glider Storage
    1. Update map on door and include date published
    2. Glider storage provides approximately $8900 annual income
    3. New Bin: budget is $8600 including bin, shelving and foundation pads
  3. New security camera system to watch HG storage bins
  4. LZ Lawn
    1. Chris Hast doing great job
    2. Owen and Chris were fertilizing and over-seeding today
    3. Gopher getting bad, Chris has already started poisoning program
  5. Launch Maintenance
    1. Dan D. found cheaper service provider and coordinated people, tools and work this year
    2. Need to have a maintenance plan; having plan would make it easier for members to volunteer and do launch maintenance for free
    3. Camp Pavika maintenance worker has helped maintain Crestline Launch in the past by grading build-up of dirt against parking lot barrier wall.
      1. Kenny knows maintenance worker and has contact information
  6. New Utility Vehicle:
    1. Jeff B. proposed to club to purchase a utility vehicle that could be used for site maintenance, pick-up gliders who have landed out, and support launching and landing practice
    2. Issues brought up by members:  storage, maintenance costs, controlling usage
    3. General consensus of the members was against purchase of a utility vehicle
  7.  G-Machine
    1. The G-machine is a centrifugal swing that provides realistic parachute deployment practice
    2. The machine is available for free of the club will store and maintain, and make available for other clubs
    3. General consensus of the members was against taking ownership of the G-machine
  8. Status update on local housing development: no updates
  9. Radio call signs painted on the top of the shade structure

Event Report

  1. Parachute clinic: 
    1. clinic held, consensus was it was a great success,
    2. Big thank you to Chris Van Veldon for organizing and hosting this event