POTM Petition

Utah's Point of the Mountain site is under the blade.

Sign the petition located at this site


Together we can stop them from moving a mountain.

We should all sign this.   POTM is such a awesome site and it would be a major blow to both the HG and PG communities.  That site supports some of the largest PG shops in North America.  Some of my best flights not at  Marshall/Crestline have been there.   Put the petition out everyone and lets send a big message to the city council.   

Not many petitions are worth the time, including some of the the "riders" that were thrown in with this one, but this one gets the ink.

I was happy to sign a petition to help protect a treasured flying site, but how ironic that as soon as I hit the final signature/entry key, I was solicited for a anti NRA, anti gun ownership petition.  I am sure this has nothing to do with the fine folks in Utah, but was generated by the website they used fo promote their petition.  Anyway, I encourage everyone to sign this petition (the point of the mountain one).