Chute repack clinic - Thank you to all our great volunteers

We completed the 1st annual CSS / High Energy Sports Ziggy Memorial Repack Clinic. Thank you to all the volunteers who helped plan, set up, manage the stations, and break down the event. Very special thanks to Betty and Mike from High Energy Sports without whom the event would not have happened. Thanks also to Nofly Steve, Dusty and Kathy Rhodes, Randy Bennet, Shaggy, Dale, Dave, DByD, Mary, Joel and everyone else who stepped up to lend a hand. I think we all learned a lot and have a better understanding of the status of our equipment and how to deploy if necessary. Video of the event to come including slowmo toss vids. -Chris

Thank you Chris for putting this together; and your whole team for pulling it off so successfully.  How did you manage to schedule the clinic for a rain day in July?

Happy Anniversary Dusty & Kathy. 

Thank you for spending part of it with us,


Thank to Betty did good explain to everybody ...  and betty did show demo on chute repack

DHG have no cue and have not hear what betty speak ( DHG need sign language interpreter )

Craig Sat nearest front betty speak and her screen  i can read and some good video on screen

then went toss chute and help some people in practice toss then Mike did good pack my Chute

Here is Picture .....

and Thank Betty .... 

You should come to Attend Chute Repack Clinic in near future ...... DHG

I had great time at the Crestline Soaring Society reserve chute clinic. Thank you Chris Van Velldon, Kathy Rhodes, Steve Salazar, Scott Isbell for volunteering at the clinic. Also a big Shout out to Betty Rothman and her parachute rigger, Mike. Well worth the time and money. Sorry if I left out anyone who volunteered. Also thumbs up to YMCA of Highland.

Thanks Chris, Betty and all the other volunteers. This was a great clinic, I learned a bunch. Sure hope I never have to actually use any of this information.............