Volunteer Needed for Saturday!

We plan to leave for Marshall launch about 12 pm. Our fellow pilot Russ D. will climb the ladder to replace our very worn out windsock. Looking for one more to help carry ladder/tools to the windsock pole for the job. It takes about 24 minutes to do the work, depending on how many supervisors we have on the job site???

Bonus: If we can get a volunteer driver also, we can all launch our aircraft after that. But wait, there's more, you get a FREE RIDE to launch for helping out. I can transport hangs or pgs in my air conditioned truck. Let me know!


A Good Day all around...

Russ Detweiler launching Crestline

Shaggy launching Crestline.

Our very own Randy Benett @ Crestline

Mr. Mel showing us how it's done...

Tom hoping Russ completes job without incident.???

Russell near completion of windsock replacement at Marshall!

The Owen Morse Force doing the tandem experience with a possible future pilot?

Tom calling Houston letting them know "Mission Complete". Failure is Not an Option... 

Miller Time!

Flight times of 1-3 hours. Altitude gains to the 5800 msl. range. Smoother air for the most part with the cloud cover giving some relief to turbulence.

Sunday looks to be not bad for the local conditions?

A Big Thanks to all that help make this club outstanding to all that come visit us throughout the year.

Your efforts are appreciated by many...

Fly Safe!