CSS Board Meeting 2015-06-09


  1. Jeff Bohler called meeting to order and welcomed attendees at 9:05 am

  2. Record attendees in future board meetings

  3. Post next board meeting & agenda on website and on a bulletin board in the LZ

  4. Jeff Bohler adjourned the meeting at 10:36 am

Treasury Report

  1. Jeff Bohler presented treasurer’s report (Kevin could not attend first half of meeting)

  2. Other income not listed in report

    1. Fly-In: concession & drop box

      1. Demo Days pre-registration

    2. T-shirt sales

    3. Wills Wing Donations

    4. XC Ranch Donations

  3. CSS board to consider thanking donors on web site (might not include amounts)

  4. Membership

    1. New on-line registration

      1. Comments from attendees: on-line registration worked well

      2. Donation field and bin storage was not prominent in registration process

        1. Process update to include storage in work

        2. J. Bohler to discuss donation field with website admin

    2. Approximately 65 members have renewed, so far (due date was June 1)

    3. CSS will no longer hand out membership cards but will post members names and post names of past members who have not registered

    4. CSS board to consider sending out paper renewals

      1. Some members not on-line

      2. Perhaps send out paper notices to the who have not renewed after some time


  1. Region 3 director, Alan Crouse, presented news from USHPA

  2. USHPA renewals are on-line, paper is available will be charged $15 processing fee

  3. Spring Meeting Topic: Tandem Certification

    1. FAA exemption for PGs and HGs renewed every three years

    2. Rationale for exemption: you only hurt yourself

    3. Tandem certification will not require full instructors certification

    4. Tandem certification will require at least ½ day face-to-face training

    5. Tandem certification for P2 rated pilots has been revoked (there were only 17 in the U.S.)

    6. Who is the local Tandem Administrator for HG & PG?

  4. Film Festival Package

    1. USHPA offers package to promote HG/PG file festival that can be used to promote HG & PG and raise funds for local clubs

    2. Event coordinator, K. Rhodes, to review package and make recommendation

      1. General feedback from attendees was in favor of the film festival

  5. USHPA Budget

    1. No issues

    2. No planned increases for USHPA dues

  6. Accidents and Insurance

    1. Its been a bad spring for HG & PG; no common denominator in these accidents

    2. Insurance provider conducts ad hoc inspections;

      1. Clubs need to be prepared

      2. Preparations: understand the commitments you’ve made through your bylaws and safety rules and make sure you follow them

Site Report

  1. Site administrator was not in attendance so board asked for general feedback. Suggestions were:

  2. Consider documenting periodic maintenance plan and posting on CSS website

    1. Provide opportunity for those who might volunteer if they can do it on their own time

    2. Keeps record of maintenance plan so if someone leaves the need work will not be forgotten

  3. Consider documenting a long-term plan for site improvements & upgrades and annual budget allocation to support these plans

    1. Need to publish plans for moving power lines from West approach

  4. Things that need to be done

    1. Marshall wind sock (periodic maintenance)

    2. Write emergency frequency(s) for HAM or aviation radio on top of club-house bin (periodic maintenance)

    3. Extend shade structure (site improvement)

  5. R. McKenzie recently graded the road to Marshall. This is done about once per year in late spring after rains have finished

  6. Emergency Support

    1. LZ is within city jurisdiction and served by the local city fire station

    2. XC Ranch is in county jurisdiction and served by the Devore fire station

    3. Always use LZ address when calling emergency services.Address is posed on club house bin

  7. XC Ranch has opened pond to all campers and CSS pilots. Pond is also open to new neighbor just West of XC Ranch.

    1. XC Ranch has been having issues with non-pilots and non-campers showing up at the pond.If pilots see unfamiliar faces at the pond please graciously ask if they have been flying or camping and, if appropriate, remind them that the pond is for pilots and campers, only.

  8. XC Ranch has changed their fees and payment process

    1. Fees:

      1. $10 / person; double occupancy

      2. $5 for each additional person in party

      3. Kids 16 and under are free

      4. Senior citizen discount for Jeff Bohler, only

      5. Old cash box from CSS clubhouse bin is available if XC Ranch would like to use it for fee collection

Event Report

  1. WW demo days were a great success

    1. No real complaints

    2. Steve “No Fly” Salazar, Kathy Rhodes and XC Ranch (Owen Morse) recognized for their contributions to WW demo days event

    3. Only suggested improvement was more shade

    4. CSS expenditures for event not yet published but most of those costs were for site improvements that will continue to benefit members after the event

      1. XC ranch paid $2400 for pad for tent structure.CSS to consider reimbursing XC ranch for ½ of that expense

  2. CSS is open to hosting similar event for PGs

  3. Future Events

    1. July 11 Fly-In

    2. September Fly-In

      1. Consider including vintage glider display

      2. XC ranch will host party at the pond with a live band

    3. December Toy Drive

    4. Consider swap meet for old HG & PG gear

    5. CSS considering Film Festival later this summer

    6. Parachute Clinic

      1. C. Van Velden will be coordinating and hosting a parachute re-pack clinic in July

      2. Event will be supported by Betty Pfeifer of High Energy Sports.

      3. Chris has tentative agreement on location but still looking for better venue

      4. Event will handle about 50 participants

      5. Cost will be $50-60 (repacks are currently $35) and will include

        1. Deployment: opportunity to deploy your chute while suspended in your harness and being jostled about

        2. Repack and opportunity to learn to repack your own chute

        3. Stow your own chute in your harness

      6. Chris needs 6-8 volunteers to help with the clinic