People fly Crestline seven days a week, weather permitting, so it is usually easy to get site information and a ride up the hill. This website's Pilot's Forum is a good means of getting current information, if you can plan in advance or have web access while here. There are a few flight schools which operate nearly every day and they are good sources of information for visiting pilots and for obtaining day memberships and sign-offs if needed. We have an online weather station and webcam installed near the Crestline launch and also have a Windtalker installed at the Crestline 'Top Town' intersection which provide wind information to pilots considering a trip to Crestline; winds between WSW and ESE and under 25 MPH indicate that it is launchable. Visiting pilots who are unfamiliar with the area are strongly advised to contact locals before going up to fly.

Crestline Weather Station:
Crestline Windtalker: (909) 338-3362


All instructors listed are USHPA certified and are qualified to issue USHPA ratings, which are required to fly at Crestline/Marshall and most flying sites in the USA.
For liability insurance reasons only instructors/schools that also have the additional PASA certification can use Andy Jackson Airpark as a training facility.

USHPA/PASA Instructors/Schools:

  1. Atmosphere PG School, Marcello DeBarros
  2. Fly Crestline, HG, Dan DeWeese (909)-226-3331
  3. High Adventure, HG & PG, Rob McKenzie
  4. Jerome's Paragliding & Speed Flying School, PG, Jerome Daoust
  5. NeverLand Paragliding, PG, Stephen Nowak (909)-202-9581
  6. ParaCalifornia, PG, Hadi 'Henry' Golian (818)-681-7936
  7. Rhodes Hang Gliiding, HG, Dusty Rhodes (909)-771-1991
  8. West Coast Paragliding, PG Mike Masterson (714)-812-0099

USHPA Instructors/Schools:

(email to be added to this list)

Introductory Tandem Lesson or Full Lesson Package:
A tandem lesson flight is a great way to find out what HG & PG are all about, and if they're right for you, plus tandems are a lot of fun. Most USHPA certified HG and PG Instructors are also certified as Tandem Instructors. There are a number of Tandem Instructors who do not also offer further training, as a means to increase the public's access to our sport without the burden of running a flight school.


Crestline Soaring Society Ratings Restrictions, Instructional Procedures, & Unsupervised Signoff forms: