XC League Task + Flow Visualization (Weather) Talk by Honza Rejmanek (Sat, May 9th)

Hi guys, this weekend the SoCal XC League is putting on an event to support Team USA pilot Honza Rejmanek:


During the day we'll be running a XC/Sprint task (XC task for advanced pilots, Sprint task for pilots newer to cross-country flying).  Afterwards Honza will be doing about a 1 hour talk on weather and flow visualization.  His description is as follows:

Developing an accurate mental model of how thermals and wind are influenced by the underlying terrain is essential to becoming a better and safer pilot.

Honza Rejmánek’s talk will focus on what thermals look like and how they behave in light and strong wind conditions. Turbulence, ridge-top compression, and stagnation zones will be also be discussed. Flow visualization diagrams and videos will be presented along with short time lapse movies of cloud development. Track logs from actual flights will be used to help illustrate important concepts. There will be ample opportunity for questions during and after the talk.

Honza Rejmánek started flying paragliders in 1993 and he will be representing the US at the Red Bull X-Alps for the fifth time. He has earned a master’s degree in atmospheric science At UC Davis and has written over 40 meteorological articles for cross country magazine, an international magazine for soaring pilots.

If you pre-register/pay here, the cost for both the task and the clinic is $40.  After Thursday it goes up to $50. The event will happen rain or shine since Honza is making a special trip down to visit us.  If we don't fly we will extend the talk into a full day event (yes he has that much material and more!).  However, weather looks promising for a fun day of boating around, perhaps even some white thermals. Sign-up is available here:


After the task, we'll get the BBQ fired up and be meeting in the LZ patio for the talk.

Hope to see you out.




This sounds really interesting but there's no chance for me to be there this afternoon to see his presentation. Any chance you could record it and post a video?