44th Otto Lilienthal Meet - May 23, 2015

44th Otto Lilienthal Meet
May 23, 2015
Dockweiler Beach,
Los Angeles, CA

This is shaping up to be a fun event!!!

We'll be holding it at Dockweiler Beach in cooperation with Joe Greblo and Windsports.

Pilots will be gathering from around the country. I already know of pilots coming from Oregon and New York just for this event.

We've also arranged to have a dedicated Condor 330 and a dedicated instructor all day for anyone who has family or friends who'd like to get their feet in the air - for free!!

The main page (short URL for easy linking) is at:


You can also discuss it at:


This is not only a celebration of our sport's history, but also a great outreach event for the community.

Please spread the word to pilots and the press!!!