Tent Camping Slots

Can anybody tell me if there are any more tent camping slots open?  We can only stay for Thursday night, because my job could only give me Friday off.  Any input would be welcome......Thanks, Joel




As of 8:40 pm. tonite. We would suggest that you show up early to claim your spot if you need a " for sure" one.

No problem, Kathy has the big coffee pot brewing in the morning.

I left the LZ after the movie night started on the Big Screen at the shade structure. "American Sniper" was the featured film chosen for the evening film, with more coming this weekend.

Thanks Shaggy for your computer wisdom on making it all happen.The buttered popcorn was being passed around as well...

Just a reminder, if you have a few fold out chairs, you may want to bring them out if you plan on hanging out for the day.

Fly Safe!