Needed: BBQ Grill for 5-1 taco night.

Does anybody have a propane barbecue/grill they can loan us for taco night on Friday May 1st? Will be using the club's barbecue but a second one would be greatly appreciated. Ideally, we need it here by 3:00 on that Friday.

Chriswvv at gmail dot com

Chris, I have a "commercial" size 8 burner propane BBQ that I would be happy to lend to the club.  I have had it a while but it is new, in the box, and unused (like some of my wings, Joe).  I can bring several 20# propane tanks as well.  With the expected turn out numbers that I am hearing as possible, it might be good to seek another grill or two.  Alan

This is much more important than the other non-issue nonsense. 

Chris, I am bringing the BBQ out tomorrow (for Friday's BBQ) with a few (full) 20# propane bottles. It would be good if a few more people good each bring a standard size propane tank, as I do not know how much grilling time is needed. Alan