Work Party-Site Clean up

I would like to have helpers come out starting this weekend to work on some of the site preparation for the Demo Days. One of the projects involves completing the site for the event tent. In front of John's house you may have noticed a beautiful 100'x100' pad. We need the rocks cleared from the banks so Gene can finish scraping the sides. The rocks will be stored for future projects near the shower closer to the white stand pipe on the lower level.

A second project will be to help Megret with her beautification around the shower area and general clean up on the public Ranch areas. She will be leading this project in sections.

A third adoption would be cleaning up around the Andy Jackson Concrete sign. The solar lights are still there but need some TLC or to be replaced.

The banks on the LZ are looking a bit weed and debris strewn so I would like to see the south/west bank weed whacked. The center section has some native plants and white rocks already in place. The weeds can be removed and that center section cleaned up. The stairs between also need to have the weeds between the steps removed.

As time passes the parking lot will need attention but the grading is not complete.

If there are additional projects that you would like to tackle for site cleanup please let me know. I would not want you to start on a project just to find out that there is a purpose/proposal already in place.

I would tell you a time when this will all be happening but I am afraid that there are so many things that I would love it if you can fit it in at any time in your schedule. I will be around the LZ all weekend, maybe you would like to come out in the evening when it is cool, or first thing in the morning. I appreciate all of your help and will take it when I can get it. CSS rocks!

I see that 78 people have read this. What I don't see are any volunteers. How about instead of the same 10 or so people who always pitch in, we see some shiny new faces. YOURS PERHAPS?

I'll try to be there reasonably early on Saturday.

I know the club has some weed whackers and so on. Where do we keep them?

i might be able to help out if my schedual allows....


PS... i can be a driver on one of the demo days if there is a need.....

I can be there on Saturday, 9:30ish, and put in a few hours before the 1:00 shuttle. Will somebody be there to show what projects need to be done? 

Be there early to beat the sun, get something accomplished, and rest up a little before you hit the shuttle. Bring gloves that fit.  DON'T forget to hydrate.  Unless you have to pee, you're probably not getting enough H2O.  Electrolytes are good, too.  This is SNAKE SEASON, so keep your eyes open, especially around brush and weeds that haven't been disturbed for a while.  Just sayin'.........I'd rather not call 911 for anybody.  See ya there!!

Sitting at home at 7:55 PM I am wondering why I called it a work "party".  We will be back at it tomorrow if anyone else has time to come by. We will be starting at 8:30 AM. There is a bit of clean up still to do from yesterday's list but we had over a dozen people show up for today's work party. We were able to clean the stairs, the most northern and middle sections of the slope between the parking lot and LZ, picked rocks so Gene could do his thing, cleaned the slope in front of John's house and around the dumpster area and cleaned and checked out around the concrete AJX sign. Solar is still an issue there. Tomorrow we will be continuing cleaning in the parking lot area around the bathrooms and toe of slope where cars park and around the restroom up near John's place. I hope to see you there. There will be some sort of work party scheduled between now and the event on the weekends so if you can't make it tomorrow there is always next weekend. A special shout out to Alan C. for the donation for snacks today. Very appreciated!

Again thank you to all who have helped. Please remember to sign up for the Wills Wing Demo days before April 12th for a free meal! By the way did I mention a Friday night pond

It restores my faith in humanity....or at least flying humanity.

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and leave me in the wrack

But cannot stop me punching through

Devil's Canyon three times and back

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