Friday 2015/3/27. To the R and back.


With the North wind ending and before the coastal air arrived, it was time for some fun.

I launched just after noon, and flew over 3.5 hours. After Harrison I went for the back ridge and followed it to the "R", then reversed course and landed at the Andy Jackson Airpark. 31 miles total course and reached 8700'. Done with a low EN-B paraglider wing (Ion 3).

I saw Big Bear lake, but didn't feel I had the altitude to push it further. Making it an out-and-return flight eliminated the retreive. What a fun day.

Leonardo data


Good to see you out there today Jerome. This brings me back to when I first re-entered the sport and used to study your pages.

Cheers, Jonathan 

Very good day .  Several pilots out good mix of hangs and paras.

Everyone specked out.  Reports were 9.5k.  Multiple pilots made saddleback

At least once.  Bill S. flew his para to Quail Valley and returned.  Couple of paras flew

To the border of Riverside and corona.  I hate mountain bikes




"I hate mountain bikes"

I feel your pain Jack!

Bicycles are a good thing, especially so when they have electric motors.

Bicycle seats, on the other hand (hind?) are the work of the Devil hisself.

I'm a new pilot and Jerome went out of his way to keep an eye out for me on my launch. He waisted lots of his own flight time hanging out with me waiting for conditions to mellow a bit more. During the wait time he was kind enough to share tons his valuable knowledge with me. I all ready have the best instructor around (Stephen) but when any master of the sport speaks, I stop and eagerly listen. Boy, Jerome sure gave me tons of great knowledge to listen too! He, like Stephen, has a nack at putting things in a way that even the most simple mined people, like me, can understand.

The ability to pass on vast knowledge and experience to another makes one a great instructor.                  

The willingness to do so casually for another makes one a great person.  

Jerome is one of the many great people I have met at AJX. What a super guy, I could never thank him enough!