TFR 10.2nm around PALMDALE VORTAC Mar 19-23 SFC to 17,400'


Saturday and Sunday will be big XC days. Do not fly up Hwy 14 past PMD



Jon,  The TFR link you posted said the TFR was posted 3-11-15, but it appears the actual effective dates are March 19 thru 23.  Alan

I mistook the issue date for the effective date. At least I looked before I flew. :-D

How was your flight today?  I bailed on flying today because of lingering congestion.  Had thought of calling you for a Tour de Grob.  If I feel better tomorrow I might take my Pilatus up to tag team some East bound XC with Arnie, who will take up the club's Pilatus, from Elsinore.  We will both also have our 2 meter radios on 144.120 if anyone else is going XC from Elsinore.  I saw a few PG up early over the E today, but have no reports of how the HG/PG or sailplanes did today at Elsinore.  Today (and tomorrow) looked pretty promising all around.  Where are the pilot reports?  See you in the air, Alan

Update: Arnie flew the club Pilatus sailplane today (Saturday) at Elsinore topping 11,000 MSL and did a couple of out and back laps to Hemet.  Still don't know if any HG/PG went XC at Elsinore.  Tomorrow is looking as good or better.  The weeds in my yard are sprouting early this year, but so are the thermals.

A lot of pilots got the shaft on Saturday at Crestline. I flew my T2C with a group of paraglider pilots and 6 of us either made it all the way (62 miles) to Sylmar or came very, very close to the LZ. It was unprecedented as far as I know. Here are 4 of our tracks.

I heard that Elsinore was good and one pilot hit 10.5K and had San Clemente on glide but did not tkae the run and landed locally. I won't be flying again until Monday. Here's some snow for your lingering congestion.


I launched Marshall at 2 PM and rocketed to 6,700 MSL without really trying.  Left lift while it was still going up.  Heading towards Regionals from above Marshall I went up steadily in what felt like a convergence line.  Super easy soaring for a half-hour then the flush cycle from hell came through and many of us ended up landing at the LZ in short order.  I was crossing from below Marshall to the 750 and honestly had a couple of moments where I thought I might not make the LZ!

At the half-hour mark a glider standing at Marshall launch got turned and flipped.  All OK, see video description.

An hour after I landed there was an extended period of light north flow at the LZ and pilots were soaring above CSUSB then coming in for approaches from the south. It was light WSW when I left the LZ about 5 PM.

Dan Armstrong had flown his older Falcon and in the LZ he said he'd gotten to 10.5k earlier.