Next FLY-In ?

When is the spring Fly-in at CSS ?

I owe $100 more on a used WW-U-2 ; then it's Mine !!!

The owner is gonna drive it from Denver ; and i plan to fly it at the next

fly-in . Exactly when is that ?


Bill Floyd


(See: 2015 CSS Events Schedule, webAdmin)

It's usually the weekend following July 4.  I'm no longer a club officer so don't know the plans for sure.

But i Can't wait till July 4 to fly my new (used) WW U-2 .

Anyone, know of anyone , who's driving from or through Denver in the

next few ,"hours / days / Months"  ?

I can help pay gas !



in addition to the CSS annual Fly-ins the Wills Wing Demo days will be at AJX from April 30 to May 2nd.  There should be visiting pilots coming and going to various distant points that may be able help with glider deliveries.  Good luck, Al


If you find a ride for your new glide, please let me know, I would like to get my Falcon 170 out to Crestline from Colorado in the very near future.   Likewise, if I happpen to do the drive with my glider, I'll let you know, but I don't think that will happen in the next 10 mths. 


Heather D.   ( formerly in San Diego, now in Colorado)

Sparks is coming out to Crestline, for the WW Demo Days, at the

end of April ;he has room for your glider. My WW U-2  160 , will also be

on that glider-rack !!  (smile)


Pm : BilleFly on Ozreport forum , and i'll give you his #